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Inclusive workplaces for trans and non-binary people

14 July 2022

Watch our free webinar, staged on International Non-Binary People's Day, to hear from Mx Oscar Davies and our Executive Director, Robert Loughlin about inclusive workplaces for non-binary and trans people. 

Innovation: Making business ideas a reality

11 July 2022

How legal services are provided is always evolving and law firms increasingly have the opportunity to be at the forefront of these changes.

AML: How to do a firm-wide risk assessment

22 June 2022

Watch our free webinar to hear practical tips on creating and updating your firm-wide AML risk assessment.

Business Plan consultation - What should our priorities be for 2023

26 May 2022

We would like to hear from the legal profession on the shared challenges and opportunities we all face in the year ahead, and how these should be reflected as we plan our work for the year ahead.

New rules on health and wellbeing in the workplace

04 May 2022

This webinar is your chance to learn more about, and ask questions, regarding proposed changes to rules linked to the health and wellbeing of solicitors in the workplace, especially where clients and the public may be being placed at risk.

Qualifying work experience explained

06 April 2022

What is qualifying work experience? (QWE) Join our free webinar to find out more.

SQE assessments: mitigating circumstances

05 April 2022

This free webinar tells you the options available to candidates whose performance in SQE assessments is negatively impacted by particular circumstances – commonly known as mitigating or extenuating circumstances.

Qualified lawyers - becoming a solicitor

29 March 2022

Are you an overseas or UK qualified lawyer? The introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) last year changed how you can become a solicitor.

Navigating the SQE training market

08 March 2022

Watch our free webinar to find out how the education and training market has developed since the SQE’s introduction last year.

AML officers: what they need to know

22 February 2022

This free webinar will look at what it means to be a Money Laundering Compliance or Reporting Officer – key roles in the fight against financial crime.

SQE1 - how the first assessment went

15 February 2022

More than a thousand candidates sat the first ever Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) assessment last November.

Updating our approach to financial penalties

21 January 2022

Changes being proposed are designed to help resolve cases much more quickly, reducing cost, delay and stress for all involved, while also improving public protection, consistency and providing a deterrent to reduce future risk of repeated behaviour.

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Options for post six-year insurance cover and the Solicitors Indemnity Fund

16 December 2021

Join us to hear more about what PSYROC is and how it is currently provided.

Compliance Officers Virtual Conference 2021

29 November 2021

This event offers you insights into topics relevant to your compliance role.

LegalEx 2021

10 November 2021

This event gave attendees the opportunity to hear the latest news in the legal sector.

Innovation Making business ideas a reality (Cardiff)

21 October 2021

In an increasingly digital world, legal services are changing. They are being offered in new ways, while consumers expectations are shifting. We want to support the responsible adoption of legal technology and innovation - helping legal businesses improve and people access legal help more easily. Watch to hear practical tips and insights to help you innovate.

Innovation Making business ideas a reality (Liverpool)

14 October 2021

In an increasingly digital world, legal services are changing. They are being offered in new ways, while consumers expectations are shifting. We want to support the responsible adoption of legal technology and innovation - helping legal businesses improve and people access legal help more easily. Watch to hear practical tips and insights to help you innovate.

Anti-money laundering – reporting concerns and suspicious activity

07 October 2021

Watch our free webinar on reporting anti-money laundering concerns to us, and making Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Anti-money laundering – guidance for trust and company service providers

28 September 2021

Hear in more detail which activities fall in scope of this category and work, and what your firm needs to do if so. We will speak about what areas of trust and company services are a high risk of being targeted by criminals, and how you can mitigate this risk.

SQE - supporting candidates to sit the assessment

23 September 2021

You can find out how we (SRA and Kaplan) will make sure no-one is disadvantaged because of a disability - or other physical or mental health condition - in demonstrating their competence.

Regulatory futures 2021: trust and change in uncertain times

09 September 2021

Offering insights from different sectors - from utilities to education, financial to legal services - this free event is for anyone interested in discussing how we regulate to meet the future needs of society.

Restricting fees in financial mis-selling work

04 August 2021

This free webinar will explain our current thinking on restricting fees in financial services mis-selling cases, and how you can help shape any proposals.

Technology and Innovation in Legal Services

27 July 2021

Watch our virtual presentation, followed by a live Q&A, to mark the publication of our new research into the use of technology and innovation in legal services.

SQE - how qualifying as a solicitor is changing

17 June 2021

Have you heard about the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE)? This is the new single, rigorous assessment for all aspiring solicitors – marking a step change in how people train and enter the profession.

Qualifying work experience - what law clinics need to know

26 May 2021

Join us to get the latest information on what QWE is and what it means for law clinics.

Anti-money laundering: matter risk assessments

24 May 2021

Keeping money launderers out of legal services is critical for the solicitors we supervise and to protect the general public. If firms have not fully assessed the risks present for a particular client or matter, they cannot understand and manage their risk.

What should our priorities be for 2021-2022?

19 May 2021

Last year, following consultation, we identified our priorities for the next few years in our Corporate Strategy 2020-23. Now we want to hear your views on the shared challenges and opportunities we all face in the year ahead to help us plan our work.

SQE assessments – practical information for candidates

17 May 2021

Want the latest information on the SQE? Targeted at aspiring solicitors, get the facts ahead of its September introduction.

SQE assessments - practical information for training providers and employers

17 May 2021

Get all the latest information on the SQE to further help training providers and employers prepare for its September introduction.

Anti-money laundering: Electronic due diligence and technology

26 April 2021

This webinar explores the use of technology in meeting customer due diligence obligations under the money laundering regulations. Join us to find out the key considerations for firms.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: cyber cover

21 April 2021

This webinar explores the expectations on insurers and if our response provides absolute clarity for law firms, insurers, and consumers without altering the scope of consumer protection provided by our PII arrangements.

Apprenticeships: what law firms need to know

19 April 2021

Is your law firm interested in taking on an apprentice solicitor? We are running a free webinar giving practical advice and information on what it could mean for your firm and how to go about it.

The SRA's transparency rules - practical tips to help you comply

24 March 2021

Are you confident you are fully complying with our transparency rules on price, service and protections? We are regularly checking law firms’ websites. Many firms are complying, but unfortunately some aren't and we have had to take regulatory action.

Making change happen: the role of senior allies

23 March 2021

Hear from three solicitors at Hogan Lovells, McDermott Will & Emery and Trowers & Hamlins on how they are changing the landscape on diversity, equality and inclusion.

Anti-money laundering: what we learnt from law firm visits

16 March 2021

We visited 74 firms to check on their money laundering systems. Two thirds were told to make changes to the way they work. Would yours pass?

Qualifying work experience - what aspiring solicitors need to know

15 March 2021

Everyone looking to qualify through the SQE route will need to complete at least two years' work qualifying work experience (QWE). This free webinar offer the latest information on what you’ll need to do.

Online customer reviews

25 February 2021

Engaging with customer reviews, not only helps the public when they are looking for a legal services provider but can also help your firm win more business.

QWE - what law firms need to know

22 February 2021

This free webinar offers law firms who currently offer training, and those who don’t, the latest information on what QWE is and what it means for your firm.

AML: what tax advisers need to know

16 February 2021

This webinar will looks at the background of the changes and the useful guidance we've published to help firms understand their obligations.

Solicitor apprenticeships – is it for you?

11 February 2021

Did you know you can do an apprenticeship to become a solicitor? This means someone can go straight from school to a paid job, while also studying at the same time to become a qualified solicitor.

QWE - answers to common queries

21 January 2021

Qualifying work experience (QWE) is any experience of providing legal services that offers someone the opportunity to develop some or all of the competences needed to practise as a solicitor. It must be signed off by a solicitor or compliance officer for legal practice.

The SQE2 assessment

18 January 2021

SQE2 tests both practical legal knowledge and skills, covering advocacy, client interviewing (with written attendance note/legal analysis), legal research, legal writing, legal drafting and case and matter analysis.

SQE conference 2020

15 December 2020

You will get all the latest information on the SQE to further help you prepare for its September 2021 introduction

SQE: Transitional arrangements

10 December 2020

This webinar will explain what the SQE’s introduction means for someone already on their way to becoming a solicitor by 1 September 2021.

Race - past, present and future

07 December 2020

Join us to mark 10 years of the Equality Act 2010 to discuss the past, present and future of race equality.

SQE: Qualified lawyers and overseas students

03 December 2020

Join Julie Brannan, Director of Education and Training to find out what this means if you are a current QLTS candidate or foreign qualified lawyer looking to become a solicitor in the future.

Compliance Officers conference

23 November 2020

Our popular Conference Officers conference was virtual this year. The conference offered a mix of presentations giving compliance officers up-to-date information on key topics.

The question of class and race in the legal profession

07 October 2020

This webinar looked at why black, Asian and ethnic minority lawyers leave their firms on average more quickly than white lawyers do.

Political Party conferences 2020

07 October 2020

For the last few years, we have attended party conferences for the major UK political parties. This year, although conferences have moved online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have maintained a presence, participating in a series of virtual fringe events.

Cybercrime – keeping your firm and clients safe

23 September 2020

The threat of cybercrime continues to loom over us all, and with so many of us working from home, the risks are even greater. Our recent review of cybercrime incidents across the profession explored the problems encountered by 40 firms involved in cyberattacks.

SQE final design - what the SQE will test

10 September 2020

What does the final SQE design look like? This webinar explains at a high level what each assessment will test, the areas of law covered and the different formats the assessments will take.

What should be our priorities for the year ahead?

11 August 2020

This webinar will provide details of other key areas of work set out in the 2020-21 business plan which, in addition to the SRA's core work to protect the public and deliver effective regulation of law firms and solicitors.

SQE: opportunities for smaller businesses

08 July 2020

Learn more how the introduction of the SQE will benefit smaller law firms, including how it will give you greater opportunity to recruit, train and develop your own future solicitors, while focusing their development more specifically on the areas of law you work in.

SQE final design & SQE2 Assessment Specification

15 June 2020

Learn more about the final SQE design, SQE2 pilot findings and the latest SQE2 Assessment Specification.

Accounts Rules – your questions answered

28 May 2020

Hear about the SRA Accounts Rules – what is changing and alternatives to client accounts.

Disability: Creating an inclusive workplace

26 May 2020

Find out how we are promoting disability inclusion in the workplace and encouraging good practice in the profession.

Anti-money laundering – what you need to know

20 May 2020

This webinar will explain what legislation applies to your firm, introduce the requirements in the money laundering regulations, explain suspicious activity reporting and how to implement a risk-based approach to preventing money laundering.

Covid-19 and other compliance issues

13 May 2020

Find out more about what our regulations mean for you and your business at this difficult time. Get answers to your questions about the practical implications of our rules.

SQE: A fair assessment for all

23 April 2020

Find out how we're working with our assessment provider, Kaplan, to making sure the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) assessments are fair for all that sit them.

Assessing skills under the new SQE

22 January 2020

We spoke to law firms and in-house legal teams about how we assess skills in the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) to get their views as employers. We also discussed offering the SQE in the Welsh language with delegates as well.

Supporting firms: Swansea

22 January 2020

Our firm-focused event in Swansea saw attendees updated on the new Standards and Regulations which came in on 25 November 2019.

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