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Compliance Officers Virtual Conference 2023

06 November 2023

This event offers you insights into topics relevant to your compliance role.

Consultation on regulation of CILEX members

10 October 2023

We are consulting on potential changes to its regulatory arrangements to include authorised members of CILEX, the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

AML: enforcement trends

11 September 2023

Get the latest information on the AML trends from cases where the money laundering, terrorist financing and financial sanctions rules have been breached.

Innovation: Making business ideas a reality

10 July 2023

Watch our free on-demand innovation event to get insight into the challenges and opportunities. Find out how other law firms are already using a range of innovation and technology to expand their reach and drive their businesses forward.

Our Corporate Strategy have your say

25 May 2023

We have launched our Corporate Strategy for 2023-26 outlining our proposed strategic objectives and what we're looking to focus on over next three years.

Qualified lawyers - qualifying through the SQE

17 May 2023

Are you an overseas or UK qualified lawyer? Want to know more about dual qualifying as a solicitor of England and Wales?

Practising in the youth courts – good practice for solicitors

04 May 2023

As anyone practising in youth courts knows, they differ in many ways from the adult court. To help support solicitors, we’ve recently updated our resources and launched a good practice guide for those working with children and young people.

Government sanctions regime - how all firms can stay compliant

03 May 2023

The Government’s financial sanctions regime, imposed to achieve specific foreign policy or national security objectives, is continually changing. Law firms have to a key role to play.

SQE: mitigating circumstances

19 April 2023

This free webinar offers the latest information for candidates whose performance in SQE assessments is negatively impacted by particular circumstances. This is often known as mitigating or extenuating circumstances.

Menopause – creating a supportive firm culture

17 April 2023

Learn about steps your firm can take to support women of all backgrounds who experience the menopause to overcome barriers to retention and progression.


Compliance Officers Virtual Conference 2022

14 November 2022

This event offers you insights into topics relevant to your compliance role.

Inclusive workplaces for neurodivergent lawyers

19 October 2022

Find out about inclusive workplaces for neurodivergent lawyers and hear from The Neurodiverse Lawyer Project.

SQE2 - feedback on the first assessment

10 October 2022

Now that the first SQE2 assessment has taken place and the results are out, we want to update stakeholders on...

Financial penalties – our proposed new approach

06 October 2022

Learn more about our ongoing consultation - and put your questions to our panel - on the detail of proposed reforms to our approach to issuing financial penalties for law firms and solicitors.

Unbundled services – findings from our law firm pilot

13 September 2022

Unbundling is when tasks that make up a legal service are taken on by the client rather than the law firm completing the whole process. For example, the client might complete some forms themselves or attend a court hearing without representation. We recently ran a six-month unbundling pilot in family law to help us understand the potential benefits, disadvantages and risks, as well as the barriers firms face in offering unbundled services.

Inclusive workplaces for trans and non-binary people

14 July 2022

Watch our free webinar, staged on International Non-Binary People's Day, to hear from Mx Oscar Davies and our Executive Director, Robert Loughlin about inclusive workplaces for non-binary and trans people. 

Innovation: Making business ideas a reality

11 July 2022

How legal services are provided is always evolving and law firms increasingly have the opportunity to be at the forefront of these changes.

AML: How to do a firm-wide risk assessment

22 June 2022

Watch our free webinar to hear practical tips on creating and updating your firm-wide AML risk assessment.

Business Plan consultation - What should our priorities be for 2023

26 May 2022

We would like to hear from the legal profession on the shared challenges and opportunities we all face in the year ahead, and how these should be reflected as we plan our work for the year ahead.

New rules on health and wellbeing in the workplace

04 May 2022

This webinar is your chance to learn more about, and ask questions, regarding proposed changes to rules linked to the health and wellbeing of solicitors in the workplace, especially where clients and the public may be being placed at risk.

Qualifying work experience explained

06 April 2022

What is qualifying work experience? (QWE) Join our free webinar to find out more.

Qualified lawyers - becoming a solicitor

29 March 2022

Are you an overseas or UK qualified lawyer? The introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) last year changed how you can become a solicitor.

Navigating the SQE training market

08 March 2022

Watch our free webinar to find out how the education and training market has developed since the SQE’s introduction last year.

AML officers: what they need to know

22 February 2022

This free webinar will look at what it means to be a Money Laundering Compliance or Reporting Officer – key roles in the fight against financial crime.

SQE1 - how the first assessment went

15 February 2022

More than a thousand candidates sat the first ever Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) assessment last November.

Updating our approach to financial penalties

21 January 2022

Changes being proposed are designed to help resolve cases much more quickly, reducing cost, delay and stress for all involved, while also improving public protection, consistency and providing a deterrent to reduce future risk of repeated behaviour.

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