Qualified lawyers - becoming a solicitor

29 March 2022

Are you an overseas or UK qualified lawyer? The introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) last year changed how you can become a solicitor.

This free webinar will give you the facts on:

  • what becoming a solicitor through the SQE means
  • what we mean by a qualified lawyer and who it includes
  • what qualified lawyers will need to do, including UK and Irish lawyers, barristers and chartered legal executives
  • how you can apply for SQE assessment exemptions and tips for a good application
  • the options for current Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme candidates and the important deadlines they need to know

Download slides as PPT (PPT 11 pages, 250KB)

Download slides as PDF (PDF 11 pages, 115KB)


How to become a solicitor as a qualified lawyer

Agreed SQE assessment exemptions

Application for qualified lawyer exemptions