Qualified lawyers - qualifying through the SQE

17 May 2023

Are you an overseas or UK qualified lawyer? Want to know more about dual qualifying as a solicitor of England and Wales?

This free webinar will give you the facts on:

  • becoming a solicitor through the SQE
  • what we mean by a qualified lawyer and who it includes - both internationally and in the UK
  • what legal work international lawyers can do if already based in England or Wales
  • what qualified lawyers will need to do, including UK and Irish lawyers, barristers and Chartered Legal Executives to dual qualify
  • how you can apply for SQE assessment exemptions
  • tips for a good exemptions application and common queries

Download slides as PPT (PPTX 13 pages, 248KB)

Download slides as PDF (PPTX 13 pages, 270KB)


Use www.sra.org.uk/qualified-lawyers-sqe to link to this page.