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13 December 2023

What should you consider when investing in new lawtech? Former Innovation Editor of The Sunday Times Sean Hargrave shares practical insights on how small and medium-sized businesses can harness technology.

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27 July 2023

Are we entering a new era of artificial intelligence lawyers? Tech reporter Jane Wakefield explores how the arrival of ChatGPT will transform traditional roles and day-to-day business at law firms. Other news featured includes how AI has put the most skilled professions at highest risk, how it could be regulated in the future, and its role in the justice systems.

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30 March 2023

Winners and runners-up of the Legal Access Challenge – where are they now? Three years on, the techpreneurs who made it to the final stages of the challenge have carried on developing their products, and, crucially, continue to make legal services more accessible and affordable. Also in this issue: UK tech sector takes top spot in Europe, regulator's report highlights pros and cons of cryptotech and Lawtech UK continues under new management. Other topics include: the AI chatbot set to disrupt the market, what lawtech is being adopted on the high street, and how ChatGPT-4 beat the US bar exam.

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22 November 2022

Tech journalist Joanna Goodman explores how technology innovation is transforming high-street law firms, kickstarted by the pandemic. Also in this issue: Compliance, innovation and culture covered in tech talks, UK and lawtech, British tech exploring Asia Pacific, Great Legal Futures event takes place in Miami, Major legal conference focuses on tech, MoJ launches new lawtech grant competition.

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14 April 2022

Clive Coleman, former BBC Legal Correspondent, discusses the challenges in bringing tech to the legal sector, focusing on what skills are needed and solutions firms are trialling

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