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SRA consults on Compensation Fund changes

We have launched a 12-week consultation on our Compensation Fund. Views are sought from the profession, public and representative groups on the proposals. They aim to continue protecting clients who lose money because of dishonesty by a solicitor, or in circumstances where they cannot claim on a law firms’ professional indemnity insurance, while at the same time making sure management of the fund remains sustainable.

Fifth directive means firms need to review their anti-money laundering processes

The fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive  means law firms have to make changes to the way they work to help keep the proceeds of crime out of legal services.

SRA decides no changes to law firm professional indemnity insurance

We have confirmed that, following consultation, we will not be making changes to the current rules requiring solicitors to have a minimum level of professional indemnity insurance (PII) cover.

SQE knowledge assessment details published

Standards and Regulations is launched

Following four years of development, including four consultations and input from 35,000 people, our new rules, Standards and Regulations, come into effect today.

SRA review shows fifth of law firms fail on money laundering compliance

We will increase checks on law firms after we found that too many were not complying with anti-money laundering regulations, and warned of strong action against those who continue to fall short.

Recognising needs early is key for firms helping disabled consumers

New research published on World Mental Health Day reveals what solicitor firms could do to improve access to their services for people with mental or physical disabilities.

Solicitors urged to respond to frozen asset list if needed

Solicitors have until Friday to check the latest HM Treasury Consolidated List of asset freeze targets to make sure they are not holding monies belonging to a client that is subject to financial sanctions.

Corporate Strategy consultation

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has launched a consultation on its proposed Corporate Strategy 2020 – 2023, with a focus on high professional standards and supporting innovation through technology.

Eight finalists awarded £50,000 each to narrow the legal gap with tech

Eight finalists have secured £50,000 each in funding to develop technological solutions to broaden access to legal services in England and Wales.

Standards and Regulations resources launched

A new 'one stop shop' webpage providing solicitors and law firms with easy access to resources designed to help prepare for the introduction of our new Standards and Regulation on 25 November, has been launched.

Legal Access Challenge prize fund doubles to support more innovations

The SRA and Nesta Challenges have confirmed that the Legal Access Challenge has attracted 117 high quality entries from entrepreneurs, legal professionals, technologists, law schools and charities.

SRA seeks views on advocacy proposals

We have launched a consultation on proposals designed to make sure that high standards of advocacy are provided by solicitors.

SQE1 pilot "successfully achieves its purpose"

A pilot to test the first part of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination - known as SQE1 - has shown that it is on course to be a valid, rigorous assessment, while also highlighting the need for more work to see if a skills assessment is appropriate in the first stage of the exam.

Small businesses left to fight their own legal corner

Two-fifths of small and medium businesses in England and Wales believe that legal advice is reserved for big businesses or those that can afford it, according to a recent survey by Nesta Challenges to mark the launch of the Legal Access Challenge.

Report outlines SRA action taken to uphold standards

We have published a new report outlining the investigation, supervision and enforcement work we carry out.

Proposed fee levels to remain the same

Individual practising fee levels for 2019/20 should remain at the same level, our Board has decided.

Law firms improving customer service and complaints handling

Data released today suggests law firms are getting better at resolving complaints made to firms, while most clients say they are happy with the quality of service from firms.

Strong interest in Legal Access Challenge as collaboration group takes off

With just over one month to go to the application deadline on 11 August, the Legal Access Challenge has confirmed that it has already received more than 85 expressions of interests in applying for funding, including from entrepreneurs, legal professionals, technologists, law schools and charities.

Solicitors adapt to professional development changes

The introduction of revised approach to maintaining and developing skills among solicitors has been well received by law firms.

Next steps for Board openness

Our Chair of the Board, Anna Bradley, has set out her plans to make sure our Board is working in an open way and is accountable to core stakeholders.

Checks reveal law firms need to do more to comply with transparency rules

A review of law firms has found that almost one-in-five have made no effort to comply with rules to help the public understand law firm’s prices and services.

Fall in Compensation Fund contributions

The Compensation Fund contributions we set for the next practising year are set to fall.

Legal Access Challenge launched to encourage innovation

New research from Nesta Challenges reveals six in ten (58%) people in England and Wales think the legal system is not set up for ordinary people, with the vast majority wanting it to be easier for people to access legal support.

2017/18 Annual Review

Published today, the SRA's Annual Review covers our structure, culture and funding, reports on our work over the 2017/18 practising year and outlines our aspirations for the year ahead.

Review shows too many law firms falling short on anti-money laundering

A review has shown that a significant minority of law firms are not doing enough to prevent money laundering, with some falling seriously short.

Concerns over price transparency and legal support during property transactions

Concerns over price transparency and legal support during property transactions have emerged in a thematic review of legal support offered during the conveyancing process.

SRA confirms changes to foreign solicitor qualification criteria in event of a no-deal Brexit

We have confirmed changes to rules, which would take effect in the event of a no-deal Brexit, regarding how non-UK solicitors will qualify in England and Wales.

SRA confirms November launch for new regulatory model

We have confirmed that our new regulations, which will allow solicitors greater flexibility in how they work, making it easier for people to get help, will come into effect on 25 November 2019.

SRA puts firms on notice for money laundering compliance checks

We will be carrying out rigorous checks on law firms to make sure they are meeting their anti-money laundering obligations.

SRA publishes new Enforcement Strategy

We have published an updated Enforcement Strategy, which explains when and how we would take action against a law firm or solicitor.

SRA Board welcomes new members

Our Board has welcomed two new members. Selina Ullah and Peter Higson take up their places this month. Selina Ullah and Peter Higson take up their places this month.