SQE Update - November 2023

In this bulletin, find out about our qualifying work experience annual survey, the outcome a review of some April 2023 SQE2 marking and the upcoming QLTS admission deadline.

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Tell us your thoughts on qualifying work experience

We want to know employers’, training providers’ and aspiring solicitors’ views of qualifying work experience as part of our annual survey. Please share your experiences, as well as any future plans.

The deadline is 5 December and it should only take you 5-10 minutes to complete

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April 2023 SQE2 marking review

Kaplan, our SQE assessment provider, has now finished its review of an isolated marking error for the SQE2 siting in April. The results of this review were presented to the SQE Assessment Board in October and these were:
  • No errors were found for the vast majority of candidates (324) and therefore their marks did not change
  • Some candidates’ marks (21) increased very slightly for the BCMA assessment station, but this did not lead to a change in their overall SQE2 result
  • One candidate’s marks were increased for the one assessment station, which led to them passing the SQE2 assessment overall
  • Because of this very limited impact, the post-assessment statistical report will not change.
Kaplan has contacted all affected candidates and apologised for the uncertainty this caused. It has also further reviewed its processes in light of this error.

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Recording and confirming qualifying work experience

Want to know more about how qualifying work experience is confirmed? Take a look at our step-by-step guide and video to find out what information we need from candidates and how a solicitor confirms their experience.

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Qualifying through the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) deadline

If you have passed the QLTS MCT and SQE2, or do so after sitting SQE2 in October, you have until 31 March 2024 (inclusive) to apply for admission as a solicitor.

If you have already sat and failed the SQE2, or not taken it at all, take a look at our website to see what you need to do next.

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LPC route and our transitional arrangements

We have arrangements in place to make sure those that were already on their way to becoming a solicitor didn’t lose out once the SQE was introduced. This means someone who was already studying or training to become a solicitor by 21 September 2021 could continue to qualify through the LPC route.

This includes anyone who had:

  • a qualifying law degree / exempting law degree
  • the Common Professional Examination / Graduate Diploma in Law
  • the Legal Practice Course
  • a period of recognised training (often known as a training contract).

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Get involved

SQE: What it means for law firms (webinar)

When: Wednesday 8 November, 14.00 – 15.00

As part of Compliance Officers Virtual Conference week, we ran a session on what the SQE means for law firms and other employers. Find out more about the SQE assessment two years on, as well as essential information on qualifying work experience.

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Other ways to get involved

Join our LinkedIn reference group. It will help you keep up to date with the latest SQE developments and opportunities to get involved in our surveys and events.

If you are thinking about taking the SQE, or know someone who is, please follow Career in Law for the latest information aimed at aspiring solicitors.

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