SQE Update

Welcome to SQE Update. The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) will be a single, national licensing examination that all prospective solicitors will take before qualifying. This will be introduced on 1 September 2021.

As the SQE gets closer to implementation, we plan to publish regular updates. So this is the place to go to hear the latest about the development of the SQE and how you can get involved. This is aimed at people who are delivering legal education and training.  

SQE Update - October 2020

This bulletin covers the recent Legal Services Board approval, our upcoming annual SQE Conference for education training providers, the qualifying work experience training template, how we’ll review the Assessment Specifications and our recent webinars now available on demand.

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September 2020

This bulletin covers your questions on the SQE, the Legal Services Board decision due in autumn and the resources we have available to help education providers, employers and aspiring solicitors prepare for the SQE.

July 2020

This bulletin covers the publication of the final SQE2 Assessment Specification, the fees for taking the SQE, and an update to the transitional arrangements for those taking law degrees or the Common Professional Examination. There is also a range of materials on diversity, including our final equality, diversity and inclusion risk assessment, the independent Bridge Group report, and a blog by our Director of Education and Training, Julie Brannan.

June 2020

This bulletin covers our Board’s decision on the SQE final design, the SQE2 pilot findings, transitional arrangements for existing students, graduates and trainees and our upcoming webinars.

May 2020

This bulletin covers quality assuring the SQE assessments, new qualifying work experience Q&As and how to watch our upcoming and recent webinars.

April 2020

This bulletin covers the updated SQE1 sample questions, along with some further analysis of the SQE1 pilot and how to get involved in our April webinars

March 2020

This bulletin covers changes to current course assessments due to coronavirus and our approach to assessing ethics under the SQE. We also tell you about the range of material on qualifying work experience, including common questions and how to let us know what extra support you need.

February 2020

This bulletin covers qualifying work experience and assessing skills under the SQE, as well as how to get involved in our upcoming events and webinars.

January 2020

This bulletin covers our recent SQE Conference, SQE1 sample questions and how you can get involved in our January events and webinars.