SQE Update - May 2024

Over the past year, we have broadcast a range of SQE webinars, with almost 9,000 views so far. This 'events special' offers the chance to sign up for our upcoming webinar on qualifying work experience and highlights what's available to watch free on demand.

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Qualifying work experience: back to basics (YouTube)

When: 22 May 2024, 12.30 - 13.15

Qualifying work experience (QWE) is the on-the-job training needed to qualify as a solicitor. But what is it?

Aimed at law firms and organisations providing QWE, sign up for our free webinar and get the facts about:

  • what counts as QWE and what doesn't
  • how long must it be
  • what we expect of solicitors and law firms
  • how a candidate records their QWE
  • how a solicitor confirms QWE and what they're confirming
  • whether QWE can be 'backdated'
  • what you can do if a supervising solicitor has left your organisation.

If you have any questions, you can submit them when you book your place or live during the webinar.

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SQE Virtual Conference 2024

Watch our latest virtual SQE Conference, aimed at education and training providers and organisations offering qualifying work experience.

Hear about:

  • the headlines from the latest SQE annual reports from our assessment provider, Kaplan and our SQE Independent Reviewer
  • SQE1 and SQE2 sample questions and resources
  • answers to common questions from candidates
  • the latest on qualifying work experience, including perspectives and experiences from employer and candidates.

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SQE: scaled scoring and SQE1 results

Take a look at the changes we have made to how SQE1 results are presented. Find out about:

  • what scaled scoring is and why we have introduced it
  • how the SQE1 results look for candidates
  • the detailed breakdown of marks candidates will receive.

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Qualified lawyers - qualifying through the SQE

This webinar offers overseas or UK qualified lawyer the facts on:

  • becoming a solicitor through the SQE
  • what we mean by a qualified lawyer and who it includes
  • what legal work international lawyers can do if already based in England or Wales
  • how to apply for SQE exemptions
  • tips for a good exemptions application and common queries.

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Other SQE webinars can be found on our on demand pages.

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