Transparency rules – more checks on website information

Over the next few months we will be beginning a rolling programme of checks on your websites to make sure you are complying with all aspects of our transparency rules.

We will be checking all law firm sites, including those of firms who have previously filled in a self-declaration stating that they are fully compliant.

Under our transparency rules, if you have a website and offer service areas such as conveyancing, probate, immigration, employment tribunals or motoring offences, you must publish certain information in relation to these services on your website. This includes details on the services offered, who delivers them and pricing.

The rules also require all regulated law firms, whatever services you offer, to publish details of your complaints procedure and a copy of the SRA clickable logo on your site.

We introduced our transparency rules to help consumers make properly informed decisions about the services available to them. The vast majority felt solicitor firms were unaffordable and therefore going elsewhere for help dealing with a legal need.

Our research suggests that the majority of firms are adhering to the rules, and indeed have already noticed the business benefits. However, some are not, so we are starting this rolling programme of checks. Where we find non-compliance with the rules, we will engage with that firm in the first instance. If a firm persists in failing to comply, we will take action.

We have produced further information on transparency rules and guidance on the best way to comply.