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Complaints and misconduct

First tier complaints 2019-2020

Solicitors have a duty to provide a good standard of service, as we set out in our mandatory Principles and as set out in the Legal Services Act. Complaints are an important indicator of service quality. We ask firms to report annually to us on the number of complaints:

Research into the experiences and effectiveness of solicitors' first tier complaints handling processes

We and the Legal Ombudsman jointly commissioned London Economics and YouGov to conduct independent research into the experience of people making complaints about solicitors' legal services.

Solicitors' professional standards (A Question of Trust)

We commissioned academics from University College London to help us develop and delivery a survey of solicitors to test their approach to ethical and regulatory scenarios.

The SRA's response to the ICRS's annual report

Following a thorough review of our internal complaints procedures in 2010, the SRA launched a new organisation-wide policy