SRA corporate strategy 2017 to 2020

Published 9 November 2017

Our plans for the next three years

The individuals and firms regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) form the largest part of the legal services market in England and Wales. And we are rightly proud of the global reach of the firms we regulate, as they export English and Welsh law and legal services across the world.

So, what we do matters – it matters to the legal sector, to solicitors themselves, to the UK economy and, above all, to the public, in whose interest we regulate.

I am pleased that we have seen meaningful change and achievement over the three years of our 2014–17 Corporate Strategy.

We have reformed our regulation and how we work, cutting bureaucracy, improving our customer service and setting out the path for real change in our sector. Members of the public and the profession worked with us as we reviewed arrangements for becoming a solicitor, freed up law firms to run other businesses, launched a new register of law firms, produced new, simple, targeted Codes for those we regulate and took steps towards a clear, short Handbook.

Our operational work is faster and more efficient, and staff have developed new corporate values with fairness and inclusion at their heart. Importantly, we have absorbed inflationary pressures and kept costs for law firms and solicitors steady.

What’s next? I believe it is fundamental that members of the public from every background and businesses of every size should have ready access to high quality, affordable legal services that meet their needs. For that to happen we need an open, modern and competitive legal economy. One in which people and businesses have the information they need to help them easily access the right service at the right time and at the right price.

That means we must remove barriers to innovation and nurture growth and better information sharing, so that firms can provide new services in new ways to everyone, including the most vulnerable. We must work with the profession to set and enforce the high standards that earn public confidence and trust. And, we must work to drive forward increasing diversity in the profession, to make sure it reflects the communities it serves.

I am clear that we too must continue to evolve and improve, and our strategy sets out how we will take that forward. And, finally, we will assess our progress and be open and transparent about our work.

Enid Rowlands

Chair, SRA

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