Applying for Period of Recognised Training exemption

July 2019

See how the changes to our Regulations from 25 November 2019 may affect you.

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You will need to demonstrate equivalent skills and experience to those a trainee gains through a Period of Recognised Training (PRT), which are set out in Regulation 5 and Regulation 12 of the Training Regulations. These in turn, refer to the Practice Skills Standards.

We will assess your character and suitability using the Suitability Test.


You must be able to evidence the following in order to make an application:

Important information

Two years' experience

  • You need to demonstrate at least two years' experience see Regulation 5.2 of the Training Regulations.
  • We expect applicants to have spent around 3 to 6 months in each area of law and practice (see below).
  • We anticipate that the required experience cannot be achieved in less than three months.
  • You can gain experience in voluntary or paid roles.

Three areas of English and Welsh Law and Practice

  • You need to show that you have gained practical experience in three distinct areas of English and Welsh law and practice see Regulation 12.1(b) of the Training Regulations.
  • You need to show that each of your areas of law is distinct from one another. If your areas of law are closely related you should submit a brief overview setting out why you feel they are distinct.


All experience you rely on must have been supervised. All experience must also be corroborated by references from your supervisors.

You must demonstrate that you have been supervised by solicitors and other individuals who have the necessary skills and experience. Your supervisors must ensure that you have the opportunities and support needed to satisfy the Practice Skills Standards. See Regulation 12.1(a) of the Training Regulations.

If your supervisors are not solicitors, ask them for a statement outlining their skills, experience and qualifications. These must be relevant to supervising your legal work.

Making your application

The application fee is £600.

We aim to provide you with a decision within 180 days of receiving your application.

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Download application form (DOC 23 pages, 115KB)

You must send two copies of your application and evidence to us and keep a copy for yourself.

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