Registering a trainee

August 2020

Roles and responsibilities

Trainees need to register their own period of recognised training through mySRA. The training principal will then need to approve this before it starts.

If a trainee has already started a period of recognised training and not yet registered it, the training principal will need to contact us.

As a training provider, you continue to be responsible for paying registration fees.

Approval and payment

Log in to your mySRA account

Go to ‘My Training’ to approve or reject the training period for each trainee and make payment. You are responsible for paying the fee which is £100 (per trainee).

You can pay by invoice (using the ‘Bill me’ option) or by debit or credit card when you approve the training. You will have the option to pay the registration fees for your trainees in bulk or individually.

The application will be granted automatically unless you reject the application, in which case we will contact you.

Prior experience

If a trainee has relevant work-based prior experience, you can recognise this in mySRA as part of this application.

Our decision

When we receive payment from you, we will decide whether the trainee can start training straight away.

Apply to register a period of recognised training

Log in to mySRA to apply, go to start a new application