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Updated 26 April 2022

What you will need to do before applying for admission.

You'll also find a personalised SQE checklist within mySRA (in 'My profile') that tracks your progress to admission and highlights next steps.

Validate your degree

  • Your degree must be a UK degree or equivalent level 6 qualification and can be in any subject. A CILEX level 6 qualification will count as equivalent
  • You can also apply for an equivalence to a degree using other qualifications (eg CILEX level 3 qualification) and/or relevant work experience.
Find out how we check and validate your degree or apply for an equivalence

Pass the SQE assessments and retrieve your results

  • You will need to create an account on the SQE assessment website to book your exams and get your results
  • You’ll then need to retrieve your SQE results so we can confirm you have either passed (or are exempt from) all the assessments. You should only do this after you have passed all your required assessments. Log into mySRA and in ‘Start a new application’, you’ll find the form to retrieve your results.

Create your SQE assessment account or go to mySRA

Register your qualifying work experience

Register your qualifying work experience  

Checking your character and suitability and applying for admission

  • We check your suitability as part of your admission application. However, you can also get it checked early if you have any areas of concern
  • Before you apply for admission, you must do your screening and have your results
  • When applying for admission, you will choose 'Solicitors Qualifying Examination route' on the form.

Take a look at what we check or find out how to apply for screening

To find out how to apply for admission, see Admission forms and fees.

Applying for a practising certificate

Once you are admitted as a solicitor you will need to apply for a practising certificate. Find out how to apply.

Pathways to admission - Infographic

Pathways to admission - CILEX member infographic

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