Problems with law firms and individuals

Those we regulate are bound to comply with the Principles of the Solicitors Code of Conduct, which set out the professional standards we expect of all firms and individuals. We work with firms and individuals to eradicate any risk they may pose to the public by helping them comply with these Principles.

You may feel that your firm has not delivered what you expected or complied with the Principles. If that is the case, these pages aim to help you with some of the problems you may have so that you know what to do about it and how we may be able to help you.

If we feel there has indeed been a breach, then you as a consumer need to feel assured that the SRA takes action where the solicitor or firm are found not to meet the standards expected of them.

In helping firms comply with the Principles, we work constructively with them when issues arise, or if we think external factors may pose a risk to the public or you as a consumer.

However, we will take enforcement action if there is serious non-compliance with the SRA Principles. Enforcement action can include controlling the way firms work, preventing them from providing certain legal services, or even closing firms down if the breaches have been severe.