Suspected dishonesty

We do not tolerate dishonesty within the profession we regulate. Those we regulate are in a position of trust. Personal integrity is central to their role and they are bound by our Principles to protect client money and assets, and to act in the public interest. Solicitors and other individuals that we regulate are often trusted with large amounts of client money. Therefore it is essential that those we regulate act honestly and in their clients' best interests.

If you think a person or firm, regulated by us, has been dishonest towards you or a third party, contact us immediately via our contact centre or use our report a solicitor page.

Dishonesty can take many different forms—from misleading a client about a document, to complex frauds. We treat any form of dishonesty seriously, because they pose a serious risk to clients and the public interest, as well as jeopardising the reputation of the profession.

A finding of dishonesty against a person regulated by us has serious consequences for him or her. Therefore, we must be absolutely sure that he or she has been dishonest.