Unhappy with your solicitor?

Most solicitors do the right thing, but we are here to help when they do not.

We can help you when solicitors:

  • tell lies
  • steal from you
  • stop helping you
  • shut down without telling you
  • break our rules.

We cannot help you if you are unhappy about:

  • the work your solicitor did for you
  • your bill.

The Legal Ombudsman might be able to help you. We both try to make sure people get the right help.

How to complain

You can talk to us.

Or you can fill in a form to complain.

Send us an email

Think about getting an adult you trust – maybe a parent or a social worker – to help you complain.

We know that complaining can be hard. But we want you to tell us if you feel your solicitor has not done the right thing.

Find out more

Find out more about how to complain: Report a solicitor


I'm unhappy with my lawyer - what shall I do?

Information for consumers of legal services who may not be happy with the service they have received from their solicitor or firm.