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Important notes

How to search

You can use our solicitor record check search function to have a look at regulatory decisions that we have made against regulated individuals and firms.

You can search decisions by the

  • name of the solicitor, firm, or other regulated individual
  • SRA ID number (also known as their roll number)
  • date the decision was made, or
  • type of decision.

You can also view a list of recently-published decisions.

To search for decisions about an individual or firm, enter their name and/or ID number in the search fields. To narrow your search, choose an outcome type and/or specify a date range.

To see all closures (also known as "interventions") during May 2019, for example, leave name and ID fields blank, choose outcome type "closure" and specify the date range 1 May 2019 to 30 May 2019.

Only the most recent published decision against any firm will be displayed. To view a list of all published decisions against an individual made within the past three years (in general decisions are removed after three years), you will have to go into the record.

To check whether a law firm  or an individual  is regulated by us, and for relevant information about them  you can search our Solicitor Register.