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Firm data web service

26 May 2020

We operate a web service offering third parties programmatic access to a range of data we hold about the firms we authorise and regulate.

The data in our web service is in the public domain—available in our Solicitors Register and the Law Society's Find a solicitor website. Making this data more widely available through a web service helps to ensure that everyone has access to information about regulated law firms and also helps consumers to make informed choices.

The data in our web service is updated every 24 hours and covers the following areas:

  • SRA number (for the firm and any offices)
  • Office name
  • Current licence (recognised body, licensed body)
  • Office type (head office or branch)
  • Business type (law practice)
  • Constitution type (LLP, partnership etc)
  • Practising address(es)
  • Postal address(es)
  • Business email address(es)
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Website addresses(es)
  • Are they authorised
  • Authorisation date
  • Authorisation status date
  • Whether they are freelance
  • Regulator (SRA or other approved legal service regulator)
  • Trading names
  • Previous names
  • Areas of law they practise
  • Reserved activities they can carry out
  • Company registration number
  • Number of offices

The web service includes a means to access the date and time of dataset production.

The web service does not include any information not mentioned above.

We view our web service as a step toward making our data openly and freely available. We are working hard to open up access to more regulatory information—studying how our data is used and planning the best ways to present it. Visit this page again for progress updates.

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