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Apply to remain on the roll 2024

The application window is now open and you can apply until 28 May 2024.

All solicitors without a practising certificate are required to apply to remain each year if they wish to stay on the roll. The application window is now open and closes on 28 May 2024.

This does not apply to solicitors who were admitted after 1 April 2023.

Verifying your mySRA account

To make your mySRA account more secure, we have an additional verification step when you log in. If you have not already done so, please register a phone number when you next log in.

You will need to have this phone with you whenever you log in, so we recommend using a personal number. We will send you a code by SMS text or call you to verify your identity every time you access mySRA. Find out more.

Apply to remain on the roll

You must complete your application before 28 May 2024. Find out how to apply to remain on the roll.

Check our FAQs about keeping of the roll if you have questions.

If you are working under section 88 (Solicitors Act 1974) as a solicitor without a practising certificate, you must apply to remain on the roll. Section 88 allows solicitors to work in a public department without the requirement to have a practising certificate, so long as they are on the roll.

What happens if you don't apply

You will be removed from the roll when the application window closes. The length of the window reflects the eight-week period we are required to provide before removing anyone from the roll.

Staying on the roll means you:

  • can continue to call yourself a solicitor without a practising certificate
  • remain a member of the Law Society and can access the associated benefits
  • retain the right to vote in Law Society Council elections.

If you are removed from the roll, you cannot simply be added back on. Instead, you will need to do our background checks and screening, which cost £34, and then apply to be restored to the roll, which costs £20. Find out more.

Watch our helpful video showing you how to apply


Removing yourself from the roll

You can apply to be removed from the roll of solicitors at any time. Find out how.