mySRA updates

Apply to remain on the roll

We have reintroduced the requirement for all solicitors without a practising certificate to apply to remain on the roll each year. This is due to changes to laws on how personal data is handled and our need to make sure the data we hold is up to date.

The deadline to apply to remain on the roll was 28 May 2023.

What happens if you have not applied

You will receive a notice telling you that you will be removed from the roll.

If you couldn't apply due to exceptional circumstances, you can ask for a review. This must be done within 28 days of the notice being sent to you.

Your name will be removed from the roll if no appeal is made or our decision is upheld following a review.

Following this, if you wish to be restored to the roll, you will need to apply to do this.

Check our FAQs about keeping of the roll if you have questions.