Risk publications

Maintaining standards of service and reducing complaints

01 July 2019

The standard of legal services and the actions of solicitors and firms has an impact on public confidence in the rule of law and the overall effectiveness of the operation of the legal system.

Technology and legal services

11 December 2018

Technology can help law firms offer services that are more efficient, productive, and accurate. But the legal market faces challenges in realising these benefits.

Balancing duties in litigation

27 November 2018

This report discusses the differing duties owed in litigation, and examines the ways in which misconduct can arise. By bringing together examples of the challenges solicitors face when balancing these duties.

The business case for diversity

08 February 2018

This paper is about the business benefits of a diverse and inclusive legal profession. It provides practical examples of the actions firms can take and what we are doing to support firms.

Improving access - tackling unmet legal needs

26 June 2017

This paper sets out why access to legal services is a risk and the current barriers that people and small businesses face and highlights actions that firms are taking to improve access.

Providing services to people who are vulnerable

09 March 2016

This report brings together a range of resources, information and case studies for solicitors and law firms about providing services to people who are vulnerable. It includes an overview of how regulation and legislation apply when a legal services client is vulnerable.