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August 2017

Notify us of a cease to hold report

Information you will need

What is a 'cease to hold' report?

If your firm stops holding client money, you must send us a final accountant's report within six months of the end date of your accounting period.

You need to tell us the exact date on which your firm stopped holding client money.

Can I be exempt from submitting a 'cease to hold' report?

No. There are no exemptions from the requirement to submit a 'cease to hold' report.

Help with your notification

Contact us if you have questions about preparing or submitting a 'cease to hold' report.

How to tell us

Complete and submit the AR1 form. Make sure you tick the box on the form that states you are submitting a 'cease to hold report'.


AR1 - Accountant's report form
Editable PDF 3 pages, 161KB

The AR1 form is an editable PDF document. Complete it electronically. Save the form before you begin work.


Send your completed AR1 form to us by email


There is no fee.

What you can expect from us

We will send you an automated reply. Please keep it as proof of delivery.

We may contact you if we have questions about your 'cease to hold' report.


We aim to process all notifications within 30 days.