The SRA Handbook is no longer in effect. It was replaced by the SRA Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019.

SRA Handbook

Special bodies, transitional provisions and passporting

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Part 7: Special bodies, transitional provisions and passporting

Rule 26: Special kinds of licensable bodies


The SRA does not accept applications for any order to be made by it under section 106 of the LSA from any licensable body.

Guidance note


The LSA provides the special kind of licensable bodies mentioned in section 23 with a grace period during which they are not required to apply for authorisation as a licensed body. However, during the grace period, such bodies may apply for authorisation under these rules but will not be able to request special treatment under section 106 until this section is commenced.

Rule 27: Commencement, transitional provisions and repeals








From 31 March 2012, a legal services body which does not comply with Rule 8.5 above may be treated as an authorised body for the purposes of these rules and the SRA's regulatory arrangements, until 31 December 2012, at which time a legal services body shall be required to comply with Rule 8.5 in order to be authorised under these rules.


Unless the context otherwise requires, references in these rules to:


these rules, or a provision of these rules; and


the SRA Code of Conduct, rules, regulations or regulatory arrangements, or a provision of the same,

include a reference to the equivalent rules, regulations or provisions previously in force.

Rule 28: Transition of recognised bodies


From 31 March 2012:


the recognition of a body recognised under section 9 of the AJA, shall have effect as if it were authorisation granted under these rules; and


all managers and owners of bodies falling within sub-rule (a) shall be deemed to have been approved under Part 4 of these rules, as applicable, including those approved under Rule 27.1(b)(ii) above.