SQE Update

Welcome to SQE Update. The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) is a single, rigorous assessment for all aspiring solicitors that was introduced on 1 September 2021.

Read the latest SQE developments and how you can get involved. This is aimed at people who are delivering legal education and training.

SQE Update - January 2024

In this bulletin, find out about the SQE1 results explanation video, the new SQE Independent Reviewer, the new SQE exemptions finder and the SQE1 in Welsh pilot. You can also book for our upcoming webinar and our virtual SQE Conference.

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SQE Update - December 2023

In this bulletin we include an update on our plans to publish more data about SQE candidates’ performance, and information on two consultations about qualified lawyers and the new SQE1 sample questions. Plus how you can catch up with our recent session on the SQE and qualifying work experience for law firms.

SQE Update - November 2023

In this bulletin, find out about our qualifying work experience annual survey, the outcome a review of some April 2023 SQE2 marking and the upcoming QLTS admission deadline.

SQE Update - September 2023

In this bulletin, find out about the new SQE assessment specifications, changes to SQE1 sittings and results which will become effective from January and booking dates for exam sittings in October and January. You can also book a place on our future webinars.

May 2023

In this bulletin find out about the SQE functioning legal knowledge review outcome, future exam sittings in July and October and the SQE1 in Welsh pilot. You can also watch a range of events on demand, including our annual SQE conference and targeted webinars.

March 2023

In this bulletin find out about our first SQE annual review reports, future exam sittings in April and July, and a fee increase from September. You can also book for our annual SQE Virtual Conference and watch our SQE candidate webinar on demand.

January 2023

Find out about our functioning legal knowledge annual review, SQE2 in April, future assessment dates and upcoming events including our annual conference looking back at the first year of the SQE.

December 2022

In this bulletin find out about our SQE candidate numbers survey, SQE2 April 2023 bookings, reviewing the SQE’s functioning legal knowledge, and changes to the timings for SQE1 results. You can also learn more about our most recent webinars, which are now available on demand.

November 2022

During 2022, we have broadcast a range of SQE webinars - with almost 10,000 views so far. This edition is an ‘events special’, offering a round up of this year’s most relevant and popular webinars. These include a summary of the first SQE1 and SQE2 results, the latest on qualifying work experience and advice for qualified lawyers.

October 2022

SQE evaluation survey, SQE1 bookings for January 2023, changes to the SQE terms and conditions, updated exemption information - plus 2 upcoming webinars in October and November.

August 2022

In this bulletin find out about the first SQE2 assessment results, how to book for the next SQE1 and SQE2 sittings, how the SQE2 is marked and an important deadline for QLTS candidates.

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