Anti-money laundering: what we learnt from law firm visits

16 March 2021

We visited 74 firms to check on their money laundering systems. Two thirds were told to make changes to the way they work. Would yours pass?

Watch our free webinar to get practical advice on how to help keep the proceeds of crime out of legal services. You will hear about the types of issues - and good practice - we have seen from our visits to review practice within law firms.

With a focus on examples from the everyday issues you face, this webinar offers support to make sure you are doing the right things to keep your firm and the public safe. Areas we found that needed the most work included:

  • independent audit
  • screening of employees
  • matter risk assessments
  • source of funds checks.

Download slides as PPT (PPT 13 pages, 255KB)

Download slides as PDF (PDF 13 pages, 192KB)


Money laundering

Legal Sector Affinity Group Anti-Money Laundering Guidance for the Legal Sector 2021 (PDF 212 pages, 2.2MB)

Anti-Money Laundering Visits 2019-2020