SQE Update – November 2022

During 2022 we have broadcast a range of SQE webinars - with almost 10,000 views so far. This edition is an 'events special', offering a round up of this year's most relevant and popular webinars. These include a summary of the first SQE1 and SQE2 results, the latest on qualifying work experience and advice for qualified lawyers.

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SQE2 - how the first assessment went

Hear from our assessment provider, Kaplan and the SQE Independent Reviewer, as well as the SRA about the first SQE2 results. This webinar covered:

  • how the first SQE2 assessment went
  • details on the results, such as pass marks, how candidates performed and standards setting
  • some of the key themes we learnt from the assessment.

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Also read our response to queries and feedback raised in the SQE2 results workshops with education and training providers that took place after this webinar.

SQE: What it means for employers

This month we held a session on what the SQE means for employers. 

Hear how three firms have taken different approaches in response to the SQE – covering everything from training to recruitment. Get tips around taking advantage of some of the opportunities while dealing with new challenges. 

You can also hear from the SRA about our view of the assessment one year in, as well as essential information on qualifying work experience.

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Qualified lawyers – becoming a solicitor

If you are an international or UK qualified lawyer, this webinar will give you the facts on:

 what becoming a solicitor through the SQE means

  • what we mean by a qualified lawyer and who it includes
  • what qualified lawyers will need to do, including UK and Irish lawyers, barristers and chartered legal executives
  • how you can apply for SQE assessment exemptions and tips for a good application
  • the options for Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme candidates and the important deadlines they need to know about.

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Qualifying work experience explained

Find out what qualifying work experience (QWE) is and get the facts on what counts. Also learn what confirming QWE involves and who can do it as well as how a candidate records their experience and what they need to tell us.

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SQE assessments: mitigating circumstances

This webinar tells candidates the options available to someone whose performance in SQE assessments is negatively impacted by particular circumstances – commonly known as mitigating or extenuating circumstances. Get an overview of:

  •  the mitigating circumstances and 'Fit to Sit' policies, which include candidate illnesses or other personal circumstances beyond their control, mistakes or irregularities in the assessment, and any evidence of bias
  • the application form 
  • possible outcomes from the application.

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Navigating the SQE training market

There are lots of different ways to learn and train for the new SQE assessments. This webinar tells you how the education and training market has developed since the SQE's introduction. Aimed at aspiring solicitors, it offers impartial hints and tips to help you choose an education and training provider.

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SQE1 - how the first assessment went 

Watch this webinar to find out how the first SQE1 assessment went and what we learnt. Find out more on the results, such as pass marks, how candidates performed and standards setting, contingency planning and next steps. 

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Reminder - SQE2 April 2023 bookings

Don't forget bookings open at 10.00 (UK time) on 8 December for the SQE2 sitting in April 2023. As with all sittings, spaces are subject to availability. Keep an eye on the SQE assessment website for more information on what you need to do in advance. 

The written assessment dates for this sitting have also changed by a day due to the announcement of a new UK bank holiday on 8 May. They will now take place from 9 May to 11 May 2023. Find out more


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