Training contract applications

Last updated 30 July 2014

Application forms

Register a training contract

If you commenced a training contract on or before 30 June 2014 and need to complete an application to register this, please to request a copy of the form.

Extend a training contract

This form should be used when a training contract is extended by agreement between the training establishment and the trainee solicitor, or because it is necessary to extend the training contract.

Please ensure that the firm/organisation has authorisation to take trainee solicitors before submitting this application.

Application to register the extension of a training contract (PDF 3 pages, 78K)

Recognise experience outside of a training contract

Trainees, prospective trainees and applicants who have previous equivalent experience may wish to apply to a training establishment to reduce the duration of the training contract. Should they wish to do so, they must complete this application form.

Application to recognise experience outside of a training contract (time to count) (PDF 8 pages, 101K) 

Cancel a training contract

Application to register the cancellation of a training contract and to certify the period of training.

Cancellation of a training contract (PDF 3 pages, 112K)

Appoint new training principal

If you wish to change your organisation's training principal, you must notify us.

Training principal declaration form (PDF 2 pages, 74K)

Minimum salary waiver

Under certain circumstances, authorised training establishments may apply for a waiver from the requirement to pay trainee solicitors a minimum salary set by the SRA.

For a TC5 form, please contact us.

Processing applications that require review by an Authorisation Officer

We process applications that require review by an Authorisation Officer in the date order in which we receive them.

When we receive your application, we send you an acknowledgement letter that includes an estimate of how long it will take us to process it.

At present, it takes 6 to 8 weeks for us to allocate applications that require review.

Please note that any matter can be sent before an adjudicator for a decision, as set out in the SRA's decision-making guidance.

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