The SRA Handbook is no longer in effect. It was replaced by the SRA Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019.

SRA Handbook

Secondment of trainee solicitors

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Regulation 11: Secondment of trainee solicitors


You may arrange a secondment in accordance with regulation 11, even where you can provide the range of experience set out in regulation 10.1(a) or (b).


If you are a training establishment, and you arrange a secondment for a trainee, you must:


ensure that the secondment complies with the requirements in regulation 10; and


include details of the secondment(s) on the certificate of training at the end of the training contract.


If you are a training establishment, you may not arrange a secondment:


for a period of longer than one year; or


to an organisation that is not authorised to take trainees 

without approval of that secondment from us.


You do not need to seek our approval for a secondment of up to one year if it is to:


another solicitor's office in England and Wales;


an overseas branch office; or


any other organisation that is authorised to take trainees.


If you intend to second trainees on a regular basis to an organisation that is not authorised to take trainees, such as a law centre or a client company, you must apply for our approval for that arrangement.


If you are a training establishment, and are making an application to us for approval for a secondment, you must provide us with:


the name of the organisation where the trainee will be seconded;


details of the type of work the trainee will be doing;


the name and experience of the person who will supervise the trainee during the secondment;


the time period of the secondment; and


confirmation that the requirements of these regulations will be adhered to during the secondment.