The SRA Handbook is no longer in effect. It was replaced by the SRA Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019.

SRA Handbook

Monitoring of training contracts and SRA powers

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Regulation 14: Monitoring of training contracts and SRA powers


We may monitor the training provided by a training establishment, by visits to the premises of the training establishment or other means.




if a:


training establishment ;


training principal ;


person supervising a trainee; or


trainee ;

fails to comply with any of these regulations; or


if we are not satisfied either that:


a trainee is receiving, or has received; or


the training establishment can give the trainee;

adequate training ;

then we may exercise such of the powers set out in regulation 14.3 as we consider appropriate.


If any of the conditions in regulation 14.2 are met, we may, as we consider appropriate:


declare that a training establishment ceases to be such;


prohibit a training establishment from taking any, or more than a specified number of, trainee solicitors for such period as we may determine or until otherwise determined by us;


impose any other conditions upon the training establishment which we consider appropriate;


terminate the training contract on such terms as we may determine;


direct that all or any part of the period a trainee has served shall not be reckoned as good service under a training contract;


direct that a trainee:


serve such further period under a training contract; or


receive such further training for such further period and in such form;

as we require;


direct that a training principal undertake such training as we require; and/or


take such other action as we may consider necessary or appropriate.


Any training establishment or trainee who is aggrieved by any decision made under regulation 14.2 may apply for review of it in accordance with regulation 2.5.


We may conciliate disputes between a training establishment and a trainee in accordance with regulation 27 of the SRA Training Regulations Part 1 - Qualification Regulations.