The SRA Handbook is no longer in effect. It was replaced by the SRA Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019.

SRA Handbook

Taking of trainees

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Regulation 4: Taking of trainees


You may only enter into a training contract with an individual if:


you have been authorised as a training establishment under regulation 2;


you are satisfied that the individual has current and valid student enrolment;


you comply with regulation 8.2; and


you set out in a letter of offer to the individual key information as to the terms and conditions to be included in the training contract.


You may enter into a training contract with an individual only if the training contract is in such form and containing such terms and conditions as we may from time to time prescribe.

Guidance notes:


In order to comply with regulation 4.1(b), it is not necessary to contact us. It is sufficient for you to see the certificate of enrolment (usually a certifying letter issued by us) provided by the individual.


Best practice requires that the following information should be set out within the letter of offer, in addition to any other information that may be useful for the prospective trainee:


the type of training contract, with start and end dates;


starting salary and arrangements for salary review;


any conditions to which the offer is subject, for example confirmation of satisfactory completion of the LPC or student enrolment;


fees your organisation will pay in respect of re-sits and re-attendance on the PSC (you are required to pay for the first attempt);


any probationary period before the training contract is signed;


how training will be organised, such as the nature of your organisation's practice, the areas of law and the skills in which the trainee will gain experience;


whether the trainee will work in separate seats and, if so, how this will be arranged;


how long the trainee should expect to spend on each area of law;


details of any secondments-see regulation 11 and the accompanying guidance note;


if the training contract is a modular training contract, full details of the arrangements-see regulation 12 and its attached guidance;


any other benefits, including benefits in kind, sickness benefit, holiday entitlement;


hours of work and office hours; and


any arrangements for continuing employment on completion of the training contract.