The SRA Handbook is no longer in effect. It was replaced by the SRA Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019.

SRA Handbook

Student enrolment

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Part 3: Student enrolment

Regulation 12: Requirement to obtain certificates of enrolment


You must hold a current certificate of enrolment before any of these stages:


commencing year three of an Exempting Law Degree;


attending an LPC;


attending an Integrated Course;


serving under a training contract.

Regulation 13: Applying for student enrolment


We will only issue a certificate of enrolment if we are satisfied:


as to your character and suitability to become a solicitor; and


that you have a good knowledge of spoken and written English.


We may require you to attend before an adjudicator, adjudication panel or committee as appointed by us to consider any issues that arise from your application.

Guidance note:


Successfully completing the academic stage of training satisfies the requirement of 13.1(b). The QLD, CPE and Diploma in Law are only offered in English, and they demand a high level of written and verbal English skills in order to graduate/pass.

Regulation 14: Validity of student enrolment


A certificate of enrolment, once granted, is valid for the lifetime of the applicant subject to the cancellation provisions in regulation 33.


A certificate of enrolment will automatically expire upon admission as a solicitor.

Regulation 15: Refusal of student enrolment applications, and appeals


We may refuse to issue a certificate of enrolment. If we do, we must notify you in writing, giving reasons for our decision.


If we refuse to issue a certificate of enrolment you may, within one month of receiving notification from us of our decision, ask for your application to be reviewed.


If you have been refused student enrolment under regulation 15.1 you have the right under regulation 2 of the SRA Admission Regulations to appeal to the High Court within three months of receiving notification from us of our decision on a review under regulation 15.2.


You may make up to three further applications for enrolment after intervals of not less than 12 months from the final determination of your previous application.