Qualifying work experience - what aspiring solicitors need to know

15 March 2021

Are you looking to become a solicitor after September?

Everyone looking to qualify through the SQE route will need to complete at least two years' work qualifying work experience (QWE). This free webinar offer the latest information on what you’ll need to do.

Watch to find out about:

  • What counts as QWE – its not based on job titles but the work you do
  • How it fit into the new SQE route – do you need to do the assessments first
  • What getting QWE confirmed by a solicitor means
  • Record QWE – free template available
  • Legal Practice Course graduates using QWE and SQE2 instead of a training contract
  • Answers to common questions.

Download slides as PPT (PPT 3 pages, 199KB)

Download slides as PDF (PDF 3 pages, 184KB)


Qualifying work experience for candidates

Training template

Getting the best out of your qualifying work experience

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