Qualifying work experience - what law firms need to know

22 February 2021

Everyone looking to qualify through the SQE route - introduced in 1 September 2021 - will need to complete at least two years' work qualifying work experience (QWE).

This free webinar offers law firms who currently offer training, and those who don’t, the latest information on what QWE is and what it means for your firm.

Find out about:

  • What counts as QWE
  • How it fit into the new SQE route
  • Where QWE might sit in qualification (ie between the two SQE assessments)
  • What confirming QWE means for a solicitor or compliance officer for legal practice
  • How QWE works when training candidates for the second assessment, SQE2
  • Having trainees on old Legal Practice Course route and new SQE candidates as well
  • Offering QWE for the first time
  • The latest guidance available
  • Answers to common questions.

Download slides as PPT (PPT 3 pages, 199KB)

Download slides as PDF (PDF 3 pages, 184KB)


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