The SRA's transparency rules - practical tips to help you comply

24 March 2021

Are you confident you are fully complying with our transparency rules on price, service and protections? We are regularly checking law firms’ websites. Many firms are complying, but unfortunately some aren't and we have had to take regulatory action.

We want to provide support to help you fully comply. Targeted at smaller firms, watch this free webinar and hear: 

  • a reminder of the what the rules cover
  • common areas where firms fall short
  • how easy-to-use templates can help you comply
  • our approach to compliance in this area.

Download slides as PPT (PPT 13 pages, 514KB)

Download slides as PDF (PDF 13 pages, 238KB)



SRA Transparency Rules

SRA Transparency Rules website resources

A tour of the practical resources we have on our website to help you comply with our Transparency Rules.