mySRA updates

Renewing your practising certificate or registration yourself (2023/24)

Practising certificate and registration renewals will take place from 1 to 31 October 2023, inclusive.

There are no new questions or changes to what we are asking for. However, we have improved the application's look and feel to give you a better experience.

Verifying your mySRA account

To make your mySRA account more secure, we have introduced an additional verification step. Next time you log in to mySRA you will need to register a phone number.

You will need to have this phone with you whenever you log in, so we recommend using a personal number. We will send you a code by SMS text or call you to verify your identity every time you access mySRA

Form name and location

The practising certificate application form can be found in mySRA under 'Start a new application' and in 'Individual applications'. It is called 'Apply for a practising certificate' and will appear at the top of the list.

If you are a registered European or foreign lawyer renewing your relevant application form will be shown.

Once started, all draft applications can be found in 'Applications and documents' within 'My profile'.

Questions in the practising certificate application form

To help you get ready, here is what you will be asked.

Continuing competence

Have you reflected on your practice and addressed any identified learning and development needs in the past year?

Solicitors must remain competent to carry out their role and keep their professional knowledge and skills up to date. This applies to all solicitors who have a practising certificate, whether they work in the UK or overseas. Learn more about continuing competence

Reduced fees

If you are currently on maternity leave (or equivalent), or were between 1 November 2022 - 31 October 2023, you may be eligible for a reduced fee.

Equivalent is shared parental leave or adoption leave.


This is where you confirm the information given within this application is correct and the declaration statement must be ticked to proceed.

The fee summary page will show you how the fee is broken down - administration, regulatory and Compensation Fund contribution.

In most cases we will approve your practising certificate or registration application immediately and you will pay all your fees in one go.

However, if we need to further assess your application, you will only pay your administration fee for now. If we approve the application you will then pay the regulatory fee and Compensation Fund contribution.

More about practising fees and Compensation Fund contributions.

Responsibility to report potential regulatory breaches

Solicitors must also comply with our Code of Conduct and tell us if something happens that could be a breach of their regulatory arrangements.

For example, if they have had a criminal charge, conviction or caution, if they have been declared bankrupt or have a significant health issue. Find out more

Help and guidance

Get help using mySRA.