Suspension from practice and removal from the roll

8 December 2016

If you are struck off or suspended from practice


If you are struck off by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT), you are no longer a solicitor.

However, you can work

If the SDT suspends you from practice, you remain on the roll but cannot practise as a solicitor. You must make sure you are not in breach of section 1A of the Solicitors Act 1974.

Getting back on the roll

To be restored to the roll or to end an indefinite suspension, you must apply to the SDT.

Seek independent advice about applying for restoration to the roll. We are unable to advise you.

To find out how to apply for permission to employ someone who has been struck off the roll or suspended, read about the application process.

Decisions to revoke a section 43 order

A person who is subject to an order under section 43 may apply for the order to be revoked. The body that made the order under section 43 —either the SRA or the SDT—will consider whether it can be revoked.

When we consider an application for a section 43 order to be revoked we will consider evidence of rehabilitation and sustained employment in a position of trust and responsibility.

To revoke an order contact us.