Account activation

Last updated 11 September 2014

Activate your account

If you have received an activation code, please activate your account.

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Who can activate an account

The following members of our regulated community should have already activated their mySRA accounts:

  • solicitors,
  • registered European lawyers,
  • registered foreign lawyers,
  • non-lawyer managers,
  • other lawyer managers.

If you have not already activated your account, please telephone our who will be able to provide your activation code. Please note that the code cannot be provided by email.

If you do not belong to one of the groups above, please visit Getting started with mySRA.

Getting an activation code

To obtain a new activation code, please complete our Activation key lost form. You will receive a letter from the SRA containing a new activation code in five to seven working days.

User support

For help activating your account and guidance on using mySRA, please see our user guides.