mySRA update

Registering a period of recognised training

If a trainee has already started a PRT and not yet registered it, please refer to the guidance in Register my Training.

With the introduction of the new mySRA, we have removed the application forms for registering a period of recognised training and admission from our website. These applications are now only accessible through mySRA. 

Trainees now need to register their own training

It is now the trainee’s responsibility to register their period of recognised training. To do this, firstly they will need a mySRA account. Once logged in, they need to complete the ‘Apply to register period of recognised training’ application in ‘Available applications’. To complete this a trainee will need:

  • The SRA number of the training provider’s head office
  • Details of the training - start date and working pattern etc 
  • To complete the declaration and submit the application 

What does this mean for the training provider?

What does this mean for the training provider?

What happens next?

  • The training principal (or relevant organisational contact) will check in the organisation’s mySRA account that the details are correct. If needed, changes can be made to the working pattern, any work-based experience already accounted for, or any training extensions.
  • The application then needs to be approved - this can only be done by a training principal. 
  • Following approval, the training provider will pay the fee, (this can be for one or more trainees). Payment can be made by credit or debit card or invoice (choosing the ‘Bill me’ option). 
  • Four weeks prior to the end of the trainee’s period of recognised training, we will notify the training principal (or relevant organisational contact) to sign off the training. This can be done in the Managing Trainees section of mySRA.