Our Board - responsibilities

English Cymraeg

The operational management of the SRA is delegated to our Chief Executive and the Executive team, but our board is, ultimately, responsible for all that we do.

This includes:

  • our purpose, objectives and strategy
  • our performance operationally and against our corporate and business plans
  • our values and reputation
  • how we meet our statutory objectives
  • how we use our legal powers
  • the performance of our executive
  • our governance standards.

Our board pays particular attention to:

  • making sure we operate independently and in the public interest
  • our impact and effectiveness
  • identifying and managing risks in the sector
  • making sure we use funds appropriately
  • making sure we act fairly,
  • operating responsibly and transparently
  • making sure we behave ethically.

The Board is subject to The Law Society and Legal Services Board rules